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Engineering calculations

The stress analysis, strength and safety assessment don’t require employment of specialized staff and the purchase of expensive software. The goal of CORDEM is to fulfill role of supportig company, the designers and constructors at every stage of products creation, from the concept to the final product. We can support at all stage of the design.

Our tools

In our work, we use the advanced FEM software like FEMAP or ABAQUS, and it is depending on the needs and expectations of our clients or projects. We cooperate with the software experts to provide the best tools and quality for our customers. In additional, we create our own programs, this allows us to be able to fullfil the requirements of today’s market.


The engineers have duty by definition to the constant development and improvement of their qualifications. For that reason, we undertake the mission of raising the qualifications and awareness of engineering personnel on the numerical computational methods, their capabilities and applications. Our experience which was gained during last few years, helps us to doing it.